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Latest infos:

The system is back, we have brand new debian stable system (same as shiva cluster). With the change of system we have got a brand new cluster resource system called slurm, read man slurm or the quick start for in: /usr/share/doc/slurm-wlm-doc/html/quickstart.html We also have only two partitions/queues called "bigone" and "small" for the most lazy qsub should accept old submissions scripts (with that new queue instead of old ones), this is only a temporary measure and may not work as expected in which case one should use native for slurm sbatch with a similar batch files adopted from PBS to SBATCH.

Unfortunatelly in the mean time we have lost old /home filesystem, a new one should be safe for some time.
Please send me an e-mail ( if you want some software and/or libraries installed in the cluster: gnu compilers and lapack+openblas are already there so apply for more if need be.

PLEASE be friendly to everybody and place in your SBATCH submitting script number of machines via -N parameter and number of tasks/cpu cores via -n one, that way jobs not filling whole machine may be running together without degrading cluster and job performance :-)

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